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What is a nanny?

Nannies are professional childcare providers, who are employed by a family to care for their children on a regular basis.

Every family is unique, with their own set of needs, which leads to many reasons for wanting or needing a nanny. Families may opt to hire a nanny when both parents need to work and prefer not to put their children into a daycare center, while others families may have multiple children with a busy household and need that extra set of hands. Another reason for parents to hire a part-time nanny, for example, would be simply to sustain a healthy balance in their lives.

For whatever the reasons may be, hiring nanny is a very important decision and should not be taken lightly. While parents are away, your nanny will act as the parent, so it is important to make sure you hire a nanny who is experienced, has a proven track record, clean background and shares similar child-rearing philosophies as your family.

A nanny can play a very significant role in your household. Often times, a nanny becomes an extended member of the family.

Below is a list of responsibilities a nanny may have:

  • Primary Child Care for their Charge(s)
  • Preparing snacks and meals (lunch/dinner) for children
  • Bottle feeding for infants and babies
  • Administering medicine, as needed
  • Laundry for child(ren)
  • Daily excursions such as play dates & walks to the park
  • Homework assistance as needed
  • Occasional travel with the family
  • Complete care for the children while parents are out-of-town
  • Keeping a daily log of feeding times, naptime, medication doses, etc.
  • Maintaining a clean and sanitized play environment
  • Assist with potty training (if needed)
  • Bathing
  • Nurturing the children and providing an enriched learning atmosphere
  • Driving child(ren) to/from school & doctor’s appointments
  • Any & all other duties related to child care.

A live-out nanny's salary can range from $15-$20+ per hour. Factors that would determine their salary include their level of experience, number of children, if he/she drives, etc. Hours worked can be anywhere from 15-30 hours for part-time and 30-50 hours per week for full-time. Salaries for a live-in nanny differ.

Some live-out nannies will also consider combining other non child care related duties such as running errands or light housework for a higher salary; however, this should never compromise the care and needs of the children.

Our nannies are required to have a minimum of 4 years relevant work experience to work with babies and toddlers and a minimum of 6 years for infants. Additional requirements can be found here.

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